Announcing the Results of the Stronger Democracy Award: Meet the Awardees!
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Thessalia Merivaki

Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University

Thessalia (Lia) Merivaki is an Assistant Professor in American Politics at Mississippi State University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration and a member of The Carter Center's U.S. Elections Expert Study Team since September 2020. Her research agenda is situated within the growing field of Election Sciences, which includes the study of election reforms, election administration, voter education, as well as election data transparency and accessibility.

Her research focuses on the empirical assessment of election reforms and their impact on the administration of elections across the American states. In her book, titled The Administration of Voter Registration; Expanding the Electorate Across and Within the States, (Palgrave McMillan) she lays out the complex structure of voter registration in the United States, and demonstrates how the interaction of multiple voter registration partners affects the flow of new voter registrants every election cycle.