Announcing the Results of the Stronger Democracy Award: Meet the Awardees!
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Nicholas Nyhart

Former President & CEO, Public Campaign/Every Voice Center

Nick Nyhart (former President and CEO, Public Campaign/Every Voice Center) is a longtime democracy advocate. For nearly 20 years, he led Public Campaign (later Every Voice Center), which supported groundbreaking local, state, and national efforts to design, win, and implement innovative systems of publicly financed elections. A consultant since 2019, he remains an expert on small dollar donor public financing programs and related policies to improve American democracy by making politics more inclusive and equitable. Nyhart began his career as a community organizer in Boston before co-directing Connecticut’s grassroots electoral table, LEAP, in the 1980’s. Turning to campaign finance reform across New England in 1993, he became a co-founder of the Washington DC-based Public Campaign in 1997. Nyhart is a graduate of Stanford University.