Announcing the Results of the Stronger Democracy Award: Meet the Awardees!
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Aria Finger

Founder, DoSomething Strategic

Aria Finger is a globally recognized expert on youth, social impact and technology, most recently having spent 15 years building into the largest global organization for young people and social change. During her time as CEO at DoSomething, she spearheaded their election and civic engagement work, registering over 350,000 young voters leading up to the 2020 election. Finger is also the Founder of DoSomething Strategic, a boutique consulting firm focusing on youth and purpose, with clients like Nike, Google & Spotify. During her tenure, DoSomething Strategic brought in over $10 million in revenue to fuel’s social change work.

Aria graduated magna cum laude in economics and political science from Washington University in St. Louis, and completed the Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. In 2016, she was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.